Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Been a While

I know. But I have a hard time finding something to write when I'm not feeling positive. And the last 3 weeks have been a struggle. Things are thankfully looking up now.

So after my last post, I had a week of post-engagement happy times with Geoff before coming back to Knoxville to get ready for fall training. I was feeling great and I was very positive because my foot was feeling much much better. But things took a turn for the worst when the physical therapist examined my foot and said that in the 6 weeks I'd been resting, my foot showed minimal healing. The tear must have been worse than he thought and that this could in fact be a career ending injury since it's in my jump foot. More than anything, I was shocked. It was definitely not what I was expecting to hear. I shed more than a few tears and had about 15 minutes before I got to work to properly freak out. Then with some much needed discussions with the parental units and coach, we decided to hold off on the drastic life changing decisions before I saw another orthopedist and actually got an MRI.

It took a little over a week to see the orthopedist, get the MRI, and get the results. The doctor was amazing! Spent at least 30 min with me each time answering the millions of questions I had. He's definitely on speed dial next time I have any issues. (Dr. Brantley Burns at TN Orthopedic Clinic if anyone is in need. They are GREAT!).
So the verdict: No torn ligaments. Never had any torn ligaments. Just an acute case of plantar fasciitis. Whew!! That was quite the scare. As anyone who has had plantar fasciitis knows, it's painful and annoying and there isn't an easy fix. It goes away when it wants to. After discussing the options, I decided to get a cortisone shot. It's given some people I know a lot of relief in the past so I thought it was worth a try. It has been 9 days since the shot and it is already less tender. Definitely not back to 100%, but getting there. The physical therapists are much more aggressive now that we know there is no tear. Sometimes it seems like they're doing their best to MAKE a tear, I was crying on the table yesterday. Really. And it takes A LOT of pain to make me cry. But I trust that they are helping. It really is feeling better.

So now it's back to fall training. I haven't been given the go-ahead to run on the track or try jumping yet, but I am running on the alter-G treadmill at work. It's crazy! It takes some of your body weight off so that I can do all the running workouts pain free and not get too far behind. Check it out:

And of course I can do all the gymnastics that I want. :) I will post more as it comes. Hopefully I'll be putting up videos of my short run jumps very very soon.

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